Meadows Loop via Hustlers Gulch.

(16 January 2005)

This satellite-photo/map shows the route of my favorite "meadows" loop walk starting near the entrance to the PMC campground at the end of Arctic Drive in PMC. The return hike is one and three-quarter miles. The loss/gain in altitude is 260 feet.

The trail starts near the entrance to the PMC campground.

Park outside the entrance to the PMC campground and look for a trail heading west going downhill. The trail runs between the campground and a row of houses that are below the road.

The outward-bound part of the walk heads west through wooded terrain. After a third of a mile, you come to an open area, the smaller meadow. Take the trail going uphill to the right.

Continue for another third of a mile until you reach a dry creek bed that divides the large meadow from the small meadow. There was a sign there in 2005 naming it "Hustlers Gulch" (see photo below). This sign has since disappeared.

You turn right here and walk upstream in this little gully ("Hustlers Gulch") about 100 yards until you encounter an east-west path crossing at right angles. Then turn left and follow this path west. It passes through a pleasant wooded area climbing slightly.

After 250 yards, the path intersects an old road, turn left and head south on what was once an old mining road for about 100 yards. Your route (optionally) loops through the Seven Sisters shrine which is more or less your half-way point as you start the return portion of the loop.

^ ^ ^ The Seven Sisters circle.

^ ^ ^ Center piece.

^ ^ ^ The view from the Seven Sisters looking towards Mt. Pinos.

The blue line on the map above is an alternative return route back to your starting point at the PMC campground. There are several other options for the return route if you want to make it a longer hike.

^ ^ ^ A colorful lichen-covered rock.

^ ^ ^ Looking across the large meadow towards the PMC township.

^ ^ ^ Another view with a Mistletoe covered tree in the foreground.

^ ^ ^ The last leg of the hike as you approach your final destination, the PMC campground.

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