"Jesus Tree"

(10th September 2015)

^ ^ ^ This is popularly known as the "Jesus Tree". It is an example of pareidolia. You can see an illustrated explanation of pareidolia under TH2 on the home page or by clicking on this link.

^ ^ ^ The "Jesus Tree" is found at the far end of the camp ground, Camp-O-Alto, which is on the top of Cerro Noroeste (aka Mount Abel). It is found immediately behind this group-camping area seen in this photo above.

^ ^ ^ Walk to the back of the circle bearing slightly to your right. Here you will find six large tables in a U-shape around a central bar-b-que facility.

^ ^ ^ From the tables walk about 35 to 40 paces to reach the large tree in the center of this photo. That is the "Jesus Tree". Walk past the base of the tree and head down the hill to your right at about a 45-degree angle for another 20 paces or so. Turn around and look up to about the center of the tree (where the bark is missing). Hallelujah.

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