Mil Potrero Campground Loops

This photo-map shows a relatively easy, basically flat hike very close to PMC. Here you can explore a network of loop trails and roadways in the now abandoned Mil Potrero campground. Much of the area is level ground with very little climbing (loss or gain in altitude) although some of the routes cross hilly terrain if you choose to go that way.

This loop as illustrated starts at the "Smokey The Bear" trailhead (the original sign that marked this spot has now disappeared). The trailhead is literally 275 yards west of town.....on your left just past the last street, Cedarwood Drive, as you head out of town. The walk heads west through a meadow of sage brush which soon becomes a pleasant wooded area as you approach the "Circle of Gratitude" (see photos below).

This loop as illustrated above covers most of the old campground. The length of this loop measures 1.6 miles back to your starting point.

^ ^ ^ The Circle of Gratitude

^ ^ ^ The Circle of Gratitude looking south towards Puerto del Suelo, a high saddle between Grouse Mountain and Cerro Noroeste.

The Mil Potrero campground area is great for clearing away the cobwebs and renewing the spirit. The area provides a great opportunity to enjoy relatively short and easy walks or strolls that has the added benefit of being very close to PMC (on the west side of town).

A stroll in this area can be of almost any length to suit your age, health, and level of fitness. There are a variety of ways to enter and exit this area. It is easy to plan shorter walks of virtually any length. There are a variety of routes (ways to go) which helps to keep the area fresh and interesting.

The area is perfect for new or beginning hikers, or for those returning to hiking as a healthy and pleasurable activity. It provides a way to improve your general condition in stages, or for those training with old injuries, or for those who just can't walk very far. It can also help build confidence to increase your comfortable level with venturing into "the forest". It is more like a walk or a stroll than hiking per se.

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