Leopard Lily

(15th July 2012)

Spectacular wildflowers seen in the Sespe Wilderness during a day hike to the "Fishbowls" in mid-July 2012.

Positive identification is always difficult but this is likely to be Lilium pardalinum subspecies pardalinum, which is also known as Leopard lily. This species has been collected in "Piru Creek, just downstream from the Fishbowls campground" adding to the likelihood this is indeed Leopard lily.

It might also be a Humboldt Lily (Lilium humboldtii var. ocellatum) which look very similar and live in drier habitats (and are more endangered). Both are California native species.

The spectacular Leopard lily is very tall, often 6 feet and up to 8 feet in height. It is a stout-stemmed perennial with multiple flowers on each stalk.

The plant typically flowers in June to July. It is summer-deciduous, dying back after flowering in mid-to-late summer.

These photos were taken near the hiking trail about a quarter mile north of the Fishbowls Campground. Here is a map showing the approximate location......

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